Jessica Davis 

Born in San Antonio but raised in the mid-west, she always knew she was meant to make a life in San Antonio. As a teenager, she had the opportunity to move back to Texas and attend college at Texas State University. All of her life she had been an animal lover but was never a math/science person. After the realization that being a veterinarian would be an unlikely future for her, she turned to Retail. She was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration with the goal of retail management or merchandising.

Throughout her retail career she realized there was always something missing. As most people know, retail is a harsh and competitive environment with long and stressful hours. It was time for a change and customer service was something she knew far too well. She began working at a local bank which gave her the flexibility to explore what fulfilled her personally and professionally. She went back to school.

As time went on, she knew she wanted to give back and help others but didn’t know where to start. She began volunteering at a local shelter and shortly after, rediscovered her passion for working with dogs. The shelter introduced a dog training team for volunteers. She joined immediately and fell in love.

With her love of training but need to have a creative outlet, she was never the creative type. It wasn’t until she was inspired by a small-town store while on a daytrip with her friends when she saw the potential in creating pet-related products with character and a sense of humor. After thinking up a name, having few conversations with her friend and Creative Director, Marcia Cavazos, her passion for retail kicked in and the rest is history.


Jessica currently lives in Schertz, Texas with her cat and four dogs: Sophie (Calico), Pancho (Dachshund), Jorge (Dachshund), Beverly (Coonhound mix) and Mia (Beagle/Dachshund mix).


Marcie Cavazos




Marcie currently lives in Live Oak, Texas with her cat, Scottie, and her dog, Zara (Malamute mix).